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Professional Paving Team

Professional Paving Team

Your backyard hardscape will look amazing after our expert pavers finish enhancing its design.
Personal Touch

Personal Touch

With custom paver paths and features, your driveway and backyard will become something to brag about.
High Quality Work

High Quality Work

Whether it’s a stamped concrete driveway, cobblestone paths or a brick patio, the paving materials used will ensure long lasting results.
Front and Backyard Services

Front and Backyard Services

Our specialty covers all types of hardscapes, from driveways to backyard patios and pools.

Driveway Paving and Backyard Remodeling Services

You want your property to stand out, right? Of course you do. Paved walkways leading from your driveway to your backyard, and all sorts of landscape features like a brick patio with a fire pit can make for an excellent lounging area that you can use to eat dinners every day of the week. Now add some paved paths connecting different parts of your property and you’ve got a rich and beautiful home landscape that guests will simply admire. So where does S&P Home Work come into this? If you’re looking to remodel some part of your driveway or backyard, we’re the team for the job. You don’t have to live in Huntington Beach to get help from us. Residents of Costa Mesa and Newport Beach, as well as other nearby areas can all rely on our professional hardscape paving and yard remodeling services.

Professional Hardscape Paving Services

You can improve your property in all sorts of ways with our help. One of the best ways to bring some color and style to the backyard (aside from painting different walls, which is another service we offer) is to integrate some paved structures into the surroundings, and turn that drab looking hardscape into a beautifully designed landscape piece. You can extend the courtyard using cobblestones or limestone slates for a prestigious and elegant look, or you can have walkways paved around the area in intricate serpentine patterns with bricks or stepping stones. The landscape design options are limited only to your imagination, as our paving experts have the skills to construct any feature you want for your property. Is your home somewhere near Long Beach? Then get in touch with us for all your backyard remodeling needs.

Fire Pits and BBQ Islands

These are another excellent example of backyard landscape features worth investing in, especially when combined with the rest of the patio. With the use of paving stones and bricks, you can have us build you anything from an outdoor kitchen with a BBQ attachment to a paved lounging area with pillar benches and a fire pit. Just imagine sitting around it at night roasting marshmallows and telling scary stories. Sounds like fun, right? Well, anyone who lives near Santa Ana or close to Garden Grove and is looking to add such functional landscape features to their backyard design can turn to us for more information.

Pool Deck Pavers

Safety around the pool is of paramount importance, and with the help of our team here at S&P Home Work you can ensure that. Some types of pavers make for excellent pool decking material due to their textured build, and with grouts and gaps between each brick and tile, the deck will have much better drainage. This will help you prevent water from pooling around and posing a slipping risk. Once the new non slip paver deck is build, it’ll be applied with special coating to further enhance the area’s traction. Kids tend to run around pools when they’re having fun, even if you make sure to warn them against it. That’s why ensuring your pool decking has a good grip is so important. If you live in Huntington Beach or some other town that’s nearby, let us help you ensure your backyard pool deck is safe and non-slippery.

Expert Landscape Paving Services Near Huntington Beach

Every part of your backyard hardscape can be improved and remodeled in various ways, and the same goes for your driveway. You can add new exterior lighting pillars to enhance the ambiance and create a cozy and elegant atmosphere. You can also add new paver water features to create an eye-catching attraction that will really make your front or backyard landscape stand out. To find out more about all the different landscaping and paving services S&P Home Work offer, contact us today.

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The answer is simple. Because you want the best paving and backyard remodeling services near Huntington Beach, without having to overpay for them. Isn’t that right? Well, with our team here at S&P Home Work, you can achieve the beautiful results you want without breaking the bank. Want to upgrade to a stamped concrete driveway with a surface that looks like anything from clay to cobblestones? You got it. Don’t worry, our services aren’t limited to the front of your property. Let us help you enhance the hardscape of your backyard with a new paver patio, an outdoor kitchen made of gorgeous, old fashioned red bricks, or any type of stone feature you can think of. From flagstone walkways to paver pillars and retaining walls, our team can create whichever landscape enhancement you’re imagining. 


S&P Home Work

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I couldn’t be happier with how my new driveway pillars look. I wanted to add some lighting structures that would also improve the landscape and you guys definitely nailed it.
Geoffrey Price
I love the new fire pit you guys built in my backyard. The paver benches around it and the flagstone paths leading to it from my house really complement the landscape. Thanks for the beautiful work.
Carson Kominski
Our new paver driveway looks fantastic, especially the interlocking pale and dark pattern, like the world is my chessboard. I love it. Thanks!
Monica Saunders


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