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Your home is a direct reflection of your personality. When it comes to making a good first impression, the way your exterior looks is absolutely critical. This doesn’t just start and end with your driveway, oh no. It covers all of your property, all the way to the backyard landscape. Apart from impressing visitors and guests, the way you’re the front and back of your home looks contributes to its resale value, and to the general atmosphere of the property. With proper paved surfaces and landscape designs, you can significantly improve the curb appeal of your Huntington Beach home and enhance it with all sorts of extra features. And that’s where S&P Home Work comes in.

Professional Landscape Pavers

So what does it mean to pave a piece of hardscape? Well, that really depends on what type of look or feature you’re interested in. You can add stepping stone paths around your property that connect the front and the back, and flank them with pillars on which you can mount outdoor lighting fixtures. In addition to that, you can also transform your backyard by extending the patio pavers, or building anything from a fire pit to an outdoor kitchen. If you’re not utilizing your backyard to its maximum potential, then some landscape renovation can allow you to really make the most of the space.

Only Quality Paving Materials

Whether it’s a stamped concrete driveway that you’re after or one built from paver stones, S&P Home Work uses only the best surface crafting materials. This allows us to ensure long term structural integrity and aesthetics for your backyard hardscape. Different types of paving stones have different pros and cons, and our experts will gladly explain those to you to see to it that you choose the most suitable pavers for your needs and budget.

Brick and Paver Patios

Let’s talk about your backyard now. This area is often underutilized with most properties. By installing a paved patio area, you can create a pleasant environment for spending afternoons and evenings all year round. With a proper roof and cover, and anti-slip pavers with a solid grip, you can transform your backyard hardscape to an outdoor lounge area with excellent traction that’ll be safe to hang out in through most drizzles. This also applies to things like pool decks, which are notorious for being a major slipping hazard. Apart from paving different surface areas, bricks, stones, and concrete can be used to construct all sorts of other landscape design features, such as pillars, retaining walls and even water features like abstract fountains. Your paver patio can transform into a beautiful area that you’ll enjoy spending time in.

Landscape Paving Services Near You

California is a big place, so naturally, our service area doesn’t extend to cover every inch of the state. But if you’re a resident of Huntington Beach, or you own a piece of property here, then S&P Home Work is here to help you create the aesthetic surface architecture and landscape features you’re dreaming of. From driveway installation and repair to all types of backyard remodeling work that involves pavers of any kind.

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Driveway and Backyard Services

Driveway and Backyard Services

Long Lasting and Reliable Results

Long Lasting and Reliable Results

High Quality Paving Materials

High Quality Paving Materials

Beautiful Landscape Designs

Beautiful Landscape Designs


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Our goal is to deliver high quality backyard and driveway paving services that will allow you to create beautiful landscape designs. It’s therefore incredibly important to us that you’re 100% satisfied with our work, which is why our paving team works so hard to achieve beautiful and long lasting results for both residential and commercial properties. 

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