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Backyard Patio Pavers

Backyard Patio Paving Services

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Backyard Patio Pavers

Backyard Patio Pavers | Huntington Beach, CA

A backyard patio can be the highlight of any home. With a huge range of different landscape styles and designs available, there’s an almost unlimited amount of choices. You’ll be able to create exactly the right space for your backyard. This has the added bonus of being extremely functional as well as beautiful; pavers provide a stable, safe surface all year round.

A Wide Range Of Paver Choices

The most fundamental decision you’ll need to make is the type of pavers you want. Everything from brick to cobbles, in styles that suit any type of home or landscape, is readily available. This includes flagstones and all types of tiles and slates. You’ll also be able to choose a color that matches your property, whether that’s a warm Mediterranean-style flagstone or cool, beautiful slate. You can also mix and match types and styles to create unique designs.

Choose a Design To Complement Your Landscape

A huge variety of patterns can be constructed from paver bricks. This can range from simple designs such as jack-on-jack or running bonds to more complex pinwheels and herringbones. The sky's the limit, so use your imagination - whatever landscape design you want can be created. You can consult with us at S&P Home Work to have our expert help you design your new patio or other backyard features.

The Paver Installation Process

Creating a backyard patio with pavers requires a shallow foundation to be excavated. This will be filled with layers of gravel and sand, before the pavers are fitted on top. Gaps between the bricks themselves will be filled with polymeric joint sand, allowing water to drain naturally whilst also maintaining a strong surface. Pavers are a popular choice for landscape enhancement due to their versatility and the simplicity of any required repairs.

Paver Repair and Maintenance

One of the major advantages of pavers, when compared to stamped concrete, is that if they become damaged, individual bricks can be replaced fairly easily with new ones. Concrete or asphalt needs to be torn up and re-laid if it’s damaged, which is a difficult and costly business. Pavers require only a little maintenance, such as annual re-sealing, which protects against harmful UV rays and water damage.

Your Local Landscaping Experts

A backyard patio can be a great focal point for any home, providing an excellent place to entertain guests or relax on a sunny day. To find out more about how S&P Home Work can help home and business owners near Huntington Beach bring beauty and style to their property’s landscape, get in touch with us today.

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