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Hardscape Paving In Costa Mesa CA

Do you own a piece of land in Costa Mesa? Whether its a sprawling park or a little personal backyard garden, you can make it your own with paved landscape designs. This type of work is known as hardscaping. I.e. construction and paving projects that involve hardscapes. This includes wall-building, and water features, backyard patio extension and a lot more. Good hardscaping can do wonders for the landscape of your residential or commercial property. It's all about what you want to achieve and hiring someone with the skills and creativity to make the hardscape designs come true.

Cheap Service – Beautiful Results In Costa Mesa CA

If you're looking for Costa Mesa-based hardscape experts, here we are.  From backyard remodeling projects to hardscape installation and other landscape paving services. Beautiful hardscape designs don't have to cost an arm and a leg. We take pride in offering beautiful and long-lasting paved landscape features for cheap. Services include installation and remodeling of driveways, walking paths, patios, and more, up to and including pool decks and patio covers. Get a free estimate by scheduling a free consultation today.

A Few of Our Main Hardscaping Services In Costa Mesa CA:

Hardscape Remodeling – Front and Back

Installing or adding to a hardscape feature can be an involved process, but removing or shrinking one is more complicated still. Paved structures are designed to resist weathering and stress of all kinds, which means a lot of work goes into removing them. Still, with a well-trained team and the right tools for the job, there’s nothing that can’t be remodeled! Call us to get a free estimate on driveway removal, patio or wall reshaping, or any other hardscape remodeling work you need. Our Costa Mesa-based hardscape design experts will be happy to advise you on the quickest and most cost-effective way to change your property however you want.

Backyard Patio Paving

Patios are some of the most popular hardscape features for backyard remodeling or creation, and they can serve as a base for many other options. With a judicious application of stone, brick, or tile pavers, a bare patch of your backyard can be turned into a comfortable sitting area. Raise it up on some elevated foundations and steps to make a deck. Install some partial walls or support columns to hold up a covering against harsh sunlight and rain. You can have all of these add-ons and more included in the new paver patio of your Costa Mesa business or home.

Backyard Remodeling Work

Backyards can be so much more than empty green spaces. Pool decks, patios, and courtyards for planter boxes or benches are just the simplest hardscape features you can have installed in yours. Outdoor kitchens and garden walls are also on the menu. You can even go further than that. You can remodel your backyard with water features like a fountain or even a whole new outbuilding. Gazebos, garden sheds, or various attached or free-standing patio covers all fall within our purview!

Hardscape Installation Services

Putting in a new paved or molded feature happens in three stages. First, clearing any vegetation and digging into the soil to make room. Second, applying hard-packed sand or poured cement foundations. And finally, applying the pavers, tiles, or stamped cement or concrete on top, as well as any built up features. You can have anything from a simple patio to a swimming pool and hot tub added to your remodeled Costa Mesa backyard or forecourt.

Driveway Paving and Repair

Getting in and out of your Costa Mesa home is of obvious importance. Automobile driveways can be made with simple molded or stamped concrete, but smooth pavers are both more elegant and more durable. Flagstone, brick, and other pavers fit and cemented tightly together along the inclines and declines of your property give the most benefit. With just a little extra time and effort, your driveway can have a wall to prevent major accidents and keep out dirt and plant detritus.

Hardscape Walkway Installation

Foot traffic should also have paved accommodations. Even if the aesthetics of a winding brick or tile path don’t appeal to you, walkways have practical benefits. If you want to walk through your yard without then tracking mud on the floor, or to make sure your flowers don’t get stepped on, paved walking paths are for you. Bluestone, red brick, and travertine are all attractive paver types for footpaths, but even simple stone or tile will do the trick! Adding paved paths to your Costa Mesa landscape can truly enrich its design in all sorts of ways.

Outdoor Kitchen Construction

Fire pits, barbecues, and dedicated seating and dining tables for a court, lawn, or patio are all popular and easily added features. If you want to take it to the next level, think about putting in a whole kitchen island, complete with refrigerators, ovens or stoves, and taps. Cover it with a roof for rainy days, and you have a fully functional outdoor eatery for all occasions. Your new outdoor kitchen can come complete with electricity and running water. Many of our Costa Mesa customers enjoy their outdoor kitchen areas and choose to eat family meals there. With a proper patio cover to shield you from the elements, your outdoor kitchen can become the ultimate exterior lounge area.

Paved Water Features

Nothing says luxury like an outdoor swimming pool in your Costa Mesa backyard. You can have a new pool deck installed, complete with anti-slip textures and retaining walls. Or you can go for more elaborate water features, such as fountains, fish ponds, and brooks, for perfect outdoor décor and atmosphere. Hardscape water features work fantastically well with the contrasting fire element. If you have or want to get an outdoor kitchen built with a paver fire pit or BBQ island, for example. What's better to add to that than water features?

If your property's address is in Costa Mesa or near it, get in touch with us for a free estimate on hardscape design services.


The new lighting pillars you added to our driveway really give it a more elegant look, and it’s made getting home late at night a much more pleasant experience. Thanks!
Marie Sinclair
Thanks for your help repairing our driveway pavers. You can count on our recommendation anytime.
Gina Lunberg
Every since you built our outdoor kitchen and BBQ island my family’s been spending a lot of time cooking and eating together. I’m very happy we decided to go with your design.
Ruth Chambers

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