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Hardscape Paving In Fountain Valley CA

If you're looking for concrete or paver landscape design work for your driveway or backyard, you’re in the right place! The leading hardscape design experts in the Fountain Valley area are here to give you a free estimate on any and all landscape paving and remodeling services. This includes patio remodeling work and driveway maintenance and repair. With an emphasis on complete customer satisfaction, you can trust our work to look great for cheap. Your residential or commercial property deserves a beautiful exterior. Well, with our help, you can create your dream hardscape design for cheap. From stone and brickwork to stamped concrete paving and even pillar and patio cover construction. Any kind of backyard remodeling project you imagine is achievable.

Hardscape Installation Done Right

New landscape features can give your Fountain Valley property an enhanced look. With walkways, porches, gazebos, and more paved surfaces and structures, your backyard or driveway can make quite an impression. Hardscape installation involves several steps. First, there's clearing a space. Then we need to lay down a layer of cement or hard-packed sand and place new pavers on top. After that, the final step is sealing the whole hardscape together. Get a free estimate from us to determine what sort of new hardscape features you want. See what your property can fit, what will it cost, and how we'll make it all work together.

Remodeling Your Backyard In Fountain Valley CA

Removing an existing paved feature is more work than adding a new one, but you can still do it! Hardscape remodeling can involve removing old pavers and reshaping existing backyard features. This can give your Fountain Valley property a stunning look. It's called remodeling for a reason, right? Remodeled driveways, expanded or shrunk patios and courtyards, and relocated walls and bracings can all transform a place completely. You can also add new paved landscape features to give the area more utility. With a paved outdoor kitchen area, you'll have seating arrangements. And you can add a BBQ or a paver fire pit too. Now let's throw a patio cover on top of that. What a great outdoor lounge.

Free Estimates Available On All Services In Fountain Valley CA, Including:

Driveway Paving Services

Some shaped and molded cement or carefully placed, sealed, and sanded pavers can turn any bare patch of land into a smooth and drivable roadway. With the right choice of materials and sturdy foundations, your Fountain Valley driveway or parking lot can look great. It can last longer than the public street it connects to with far less maintenance! Your driveway hardscape surface can have any style you want. You only need to tell us what you're looking for.

Hardscape Walkway Installation

Foot traffic is also a major consideration and one that you’ll often want to pay much more aesthetic attention to. If you’re doing some backyard remodeling or forecourt adjustment, some nice footpaths through the lawns or gardens might be a nice touch. Especially if you have a pool, outbuilding, or other detached attraction to get to! With brick, bluestone, or other decorative pavers and some keen placement, your Fountain Valley property can have paths as decorative as they are useful.

Water Feature Installation

Fishponds or brooks, fountains of various sorts, and swimming pools or hot tubs are stunning centerpieces. This is especially true if they’re made and placed with an eye for artistry. Our Fountain Valley=based hardscape design experts will help you pick the perfect place for a water feature in your backyard. You can have it dug, paved, and furnished with the needed pipes and motors ASAP. There’s nothing like a pool lost among a copse of trees or bushes to give your backyard that classy and hedonistic flair!

Outdoor Kitchen Installation

This type of backyard design enhancement has plenty to offer. That's true whether you’re thinking of big garden parties or just tight-knit family barbecues. Having an outdoor kitchen built into the courtyard or patio of your Fountain Valley home works wonders either way. Running water, refrigerators, countertops, and ovens. These, along with everything else you need for cooking, can be built under the open air or a patio cover roof. Add in some paved benches and tables, and maybe a fire pit and barbecue grill. You might never want to eat inside once your backyard remodeling is complete!

Patio Cover Installation

Keeping strong sunlight and rain off of yourself and your seating is crucial for getting the most out of your Fountain Valley residential or commercial property. Not only during sunny months but all year round. With some well-placed support columns, you can put a roof over any part of it. From hardscape walkways to hot tubs to outdoor kitchens. Have a chimney included, and you can have those backyard barbecues no matter what the weather is like!


You guys did a wonderful job transforming my backyard with these beautiful hardscape walkways. The contrasting cobble path colors look stunning. Thanks for the great work.
Linda Kaminski
I really love the way the whole stone paved outdoor kitchen area you added to my patio look, and we've been having our breakfasts there pretty much every day ever since you built it. Can't thank you enough for the quality work.
Miranda Cosgrove
My son and his friends have been having the time of their lives roasting marshmallows over the paver fire pit you installed in our backyard. The stone seating arrangements really added a lot of convenience too. Thanks a lot for everything!
Jackson Ludwig

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Our goal is to deliver high quality backyard and driveway paving services that will allow you to create beautiful landscape designs. It’s therefore incredibly important to us that you’re 100% satisfied with our work, which is why our paving team works so hard to achieve beautiful and long lasting results for both residential and commercial properties. 

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