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Pavers & Hardscapes In Laguna Beach CA

Creating a beautiful landscape design to enhance the look of your Laguna Beach property doesn't require much from you. You've got hardscape paving experts nearby ready to offer help and a free estimate whenever you want it. We do driveway replacement and complete patio and pool deck installation work, among many other paving services. Whatever backyard remodeling or front yard hardscaping you're thinking of, our team can make it a reality. And for cheap too!

Paver Pool Decks

Laguna Beach home has a backyard pool? Make sure it's nonslip and safe by investing in good paver decking. Our textured paving stones will help you prevent slips and give the surrounding pool deck area a beautiful hardscape design. You get both style and utility in a single package.

Backyard Patio Installation In Laguna Beach CA

Many people love their backyard patios because they provide a comfortable place to enjoy the outdoors. With patio covers and beautiful gazebos and courtyards, not to mention connecting paved walkways, your backyard patio can become the centerpiece of the landscape design. Our paving experts near Laguna Beach will happily provide all the info you need to choose a design that works best for your taste and budget.

Outdoor Kitchen Sets

What's the perfect addition to backyard patios? Why an outdoor dining area of course! With an outdoor kitchen combined with a BBQ island and cooking stations, you can enjoy eating outside in the backyard every day of the week. Did we mention we do patio covers too? You can eat out even during hot days, as your outdoor kitchen area will be nice, shaded and welcoming.

Driveway Replacement

Want to give the front of your Laguna Beach property a facelift? Dealing with uneven ground and cracked pavement or oil stains? Our driveway repair and installation experts can assist you in whatever way you need. We work with paving stones and stamped concrete, so any hardscape design and texture you want is doable for us.

Fire Pits & Courtyards

When it comes to hardscape landscape design, there are all sorts of features you can choose. Paver fire pits are very popular because they offer a safe way to have cookouts and roast marshmallows over a fire in your Laguna Beach backyard. Courtyards add a lot to the design of the backyard landscape. They give a beautiful hardscape attractiveness to the area that makes it more inviting and eye-pleasing.

Paved Paths & Walkways

You can connect different parts of your Laguna Beach backyard and driveway with paver walkways that look great and keep your grass neat. Choose whichever paving stones you want, from cobbles to bricks to flagstones to even lime and wooden slates. Any type of design is doable and doesn't need to be overly expensive.

Hardscape Paving Projects Completed Recently In Laguna Beach CA

We've managed to help a lot of folks near Laguna Beach and its surrounding areas enhance their properties in various ways. Whether you're interested in hardscape design work or some remodeling via landscape paving, we're here to help. Take a look at some recent hardscaping jobs we did to see some examples of how we can help you.

Driveway Installation Nearby Laguna Beach | S&P Home Work

Driveway Installation

Customer Issue: Mrs. Clutch decided that a proper driveway and parking lot would do more for her family than that empty patch beside the walking gate. She also decided on a raised covering for the parking area.
Our Solution: We removed a four meter wide section of fence, and – after ensuring the building permit allowed for it – tore up the sidewalk. We dug a leveled path parallel to the natural slope of the yard, from the future parking area to the removed sidewalk. After laying the sand and gravel, we paved the driveway with concrete, smoothed out the sidewalk and street connections, and got started on the covering. Four cast iron posters and a wooden and palm roof did the trick!

Jennifer Clutch - Laguna Beach
Backyard Remodeling Nearby Aliso Vijeo | S&P Home Work

Backyard Remodeling

Customer Issue: The Kofkas’ backyard was a pitted, swampy mess. The customers needed the entire thing reshaped to provide better drainage and wind catchment, as well as usable flat space.
Our Solution: First, we dug a ditch under the back fence to drain some of the moisture into the nearby vacant lot, and vacuumed out the rest. We moved earth and introduced some extra soil to build a slope going down from the house toward that fence. Then, we filled in the ditch, smoothed and leveled the top of the incline, and paved part of it. The Kafka backyard now includes a paved porch, a flat lawn, and gentle, grassy slope going down to the fence.

Mel Kofka - Aliso Vijeo
Professional Paving Team

Professional Paving Team

Your backyard hardscape will look amazing after our expert pavers finish enhancing its design.
Personal Touch

Personal Touch

With custom paver paths and features, your driveway and backyard will become something to brag about.
High Quality Work

High Quality Work

Whether it’s a stamped concrete driveway, cobblestone paths or a brick patio, the paving materials used will ensure long lasting results.
Front and Backyard Services

Front and Backyard Services

Our specialty covers all types of hardscapes, from driveways to backyard patios and pools.

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Our goal is to deliver high quality backyard and driveway paving services that will allow you to create beautiful landscape designs. It’s therefore incredibly important to us that you’re 100% satisfied with our work, which is why our paving team works so hard to achieve beautiful and long lasting results for both residential and commercial properties. 

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