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Recent Home Remodeling Projects Nearby Lake Forest CA

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Recent Home Remodeling Projects Nearby Lake Forest CA

Get your Lake Forest property remodeled by professional contractors to achieve the look you want. Our experts conduct interior and exterior remodeling, specializing in kitchens, room additions, pool remodel projects and more. We also can resurface bathrooms and remodel them with new sinks, basins, and showers. Read the job reports below to see some Lake Forest remodeling projects our team completed recently.

Bathroom Remodeling Nearby Lake Forest CA

Bathroom Remodeling

Customer Issue: Ms. Owens wanted to add a shower and make the bathroom feel less crowded.
Our Solution: We removed the existing bathtub and built a wall splitting the freed-up space in two. Then, we turned the larger area into a curbed walk-in shower with built-in shampoo and soap shelves. We used the same tiles for the rest of the bathroom to achieve a uniform look. We used the niche we created to install custom made cabinets and drawers. And finally, we replaced the existing countertop with the one that better complemented the new design.

Denise Owen - Lake Forest
Pool Remodeling Next To Laguna Woods CA

Pool Remodeling

Customer Issue: Ms. Phelps wanted to change the look of her pool deck and add a matching beach entry.
Our Solution: We had a rather straightforward job here and as soon as Ms. Phelps chose the color of flagstone she liked best, we started working. There were a couple of wide steps on the shallow side of the pool which we easily turned into a beach entry. Since the cement pool deck had structural damage, we used it as a base for the flagstone. We also covered the beach entry with flagstone, to visually tie it in with the deck.

Tina Phelps - Laguna Woods
Kitchen Remodeling Close To Mission Viejo CA

Kitchen Remodeling

Customer Issue: Ms. Pitts wanted to revamp her kitchen without relocating the appliances.
Our Solution: Ms. Pitts had a functional and well-organized kitchen and needed a cosmetic makeover. So, we stained the existing kitchen cabinets to match the color of the dining table and chairs. We also added crown molding to make them look nicer. We used the same tiles for both the backsplash and the base of the island and replaced the original countertops with new granite ones. Ms. Pitts was impressed with how we completely transformed the look of her kitchen while staying within her budget.

Dawn Pitts - Mission Viejo
Professional Paving Team

Professional Paving Team

Your backyard hardscape will look amazing after our expert pavers finish enhancing its design.
Personal Touch

Personal Touch

With custom paver paths and features, your driveway and backyard will become something to brag about.
High Quality Work

High Quality Work

Whether it’s a stamped concrete driveway, cobblestone paths or a brick patio, the paving materials used will ensure long lasting results.
Front and Backyard Services

Front and Backyard Services

Our specialty covers all types of hardscapes, from driveways to backyard patios and pools.

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Our goal is to deliver high quality backyard and driveway paving services that will allow you to create beautiful landscape designs. It’s therefore incredibly important to us that you’re 100% satisfied with our work, which is why our paving team works so hard to achieve beautiful and long lasting results for both residential and commercial properties. 

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