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Hardscape Pavers in Irvine CA

The hardscape features of your home, such as the walkways, driveways, and walls, are an essential part of your property’s identity. Too many homeowners regard these as purely functional. As long as you have a wall, people can mistakenly think it doesn’t matter how well it’s made, or what it looks like. At S&P Home Work we know just how big a difference custom hardscaping can make to your home. Choosing hardscape features that perfectly suit your home and lifestyle make for a special property that’s ideal for you.

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Backyard Paver Patio Installation

Out of all the materials available for your home’s backyard patio, pavers are the most desirable. They’re extremely popular for a number of reasons. First and foremost, they look great. Pavers can be created in a huge range of different colors and styles and arranged in many different attractive patterns. That lets you come up with a truly unique identity for your home, which perfectly complements your existing features. In addition to this, pavers are a highly practical choice. Combining excellent drainage capabilities with long-lasting durability, these bricks are the ideal choice for any backyard patio in Irvine.

Pool Side Pavers

Pavers make the ideal material for your poolside surfaces. Your first concern when installing any material is safety, and pavers are perfect for this requirement. Bricks allow water to drain quickly, unlike other materials, so you won’t end up with puddles by your pool. Paver bricks also offer excellent grip underfoot even when wet. No matter how much splashing is happening in the pool, no-one will have to watch their step when walking alongside. You can make this part of your backyard both safer and more eye-catching with the right layout of pavers.

Hardscape Installation For Cheap

The hardscape features of your Irvine property need to be carefully installed to ensure maximum lifespan. With us providing a helping hand, you can be sure that your new paver walkway, driveway, fountain or any other hardscape feature will be of the highest quality. You’ll have access to a huge range of different options and styles to choose from. Only the best-quality materials will be used during construction and paving. From retaining walls to fire pits, S&P Home Work provides the best hardscape installation services near the Irvine area.

Retaining Wall Installation

One of the most important hardscape features of any property is also one of the least appreciated. Retaining walls need to be structurally strong, of course, but they must also provide a natural accompaniment to your other design features. Whether they’re designed to fit in subtly or draw the eye, installing a retaining wall isn’t always a straightforward task. Make sure you contact your local experts to get in-depth advice and guidance. With our expert help on your side, your new retaining wall will be done in no time.

Patio Cover Construction

Your patio is a great venue for entertaining guests. However, these outdoor spaces are all too easily affected by the weather. This could be a sudden downpour driving your evening guests inside, or blazing sun making it uncomfortable to sit outside for long. A new patio cover is the perfect way to provide a little protection from the elements. Choose from a wide range of different styles and materials, and you’ll be sure

Outdoor Kitchen Construction

Cooking outdoors is one of the most rewarding experiences, especially if you have friends and family to share it with. Put together your dream outdoor kitchen and design it yourself, with help from your local experts. This is the perfect complement to your patio and other outdoor spaces, as it provides the ultimate focal point for social gatherings and lazy summer evenings. Whip up an al fresco feast for family and friends, all in the fresh air. If you're near Irvine, you can get a paver outdoor kitchen installed for an affordable price. Simply get in touch with us and tell us what kind of concept you're after.

Your Local Hardscape Experts In Irvine CA

S&P Home Work specializes in providing high-quality hardscape solutions in the greater Irvine area. Local residents and business owners can schedule free estimates and benefit from in-depth advice and guidance. Find out how to improve your home’s hardscape design by consulting with the best experts around. We take pride in offering meticulous and reliable landscape paving services for low and affordable rates. Give us a call to find out more.


The whole family has been dining outside every other night thanks to the outdoor kitchen segment and attached cover you guys added to our backyard patio. Couldn't be happier with the results.
Owen Flint
You definitely did one hell of a job with our pool deck. Looks great and has excellent traction and rigidity. We're very grateful, thank you.
Kristine Duval
I love the new patio, and the free standing cover was a great suggestion on your part. Thanks for the great paving work!
Paula Weinstein

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