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Hardscape Paving in Newport Beach CA

The hardscape landscape features of your Newport Beach property are an important part of your home or business. That’s not just because walls, walkways, and driveways are an essential and functional part of any property. It’s also because they can be used to cleverly create the perfect environment. The materials you use and the way each feature is put together will turn your property into something unique that’s perfectly suited to your needs. S&P Home Work offers a huge range of hardscaping services in your area. Whether you need driveway installation, expert patio cover installation or custom pool side pavers, your local experts are ready to help.

Free Estimates Available On Hardscape Paving Services In Newport Beach CA Like:

Outdoor Kitchen Installation

What could be better than cooking outside? Making a fresh meal in the open air is a fantastic experience. Paved outdoor kitchens are a great way to improve the exterior of any home or business in Newport Beach. Customize your new cooking area with your choice of tiles and bricks, and ensure that it’s perfectly designed to suit your needs. Combine your outdoor kitchen installation with some carefully-chosen seating and a table, and you’ll have everything you need for al fresco dining. An outdoor kitchen also makes for a landscape feature that adds a lot of character to your backyard.

Patio Cover Installation

You can’t make the most of a sunny day if there’s nowhere to catch some shade. Likewise, even a little bit of rain is enough to stop you from going out to your yard. With a free-standing or attached patio cover you can ensure that rain doesn’t spoil the party. Invite friends over for an evening’s entertainment, safe in the knowledge that a little rain won’t send everyone running inside. Alternatively, you can spend time out on your patio during the day without having to worry about shading. Choose from a wide range of styles, materials, and designs to find a patio cover that’s perfect for your Newport Beach home.

Backyard Paver Patio Installation

When you’re choosing materials for your new backyard patio, pavers are the perfect choice. There are many practical reasons why they’re such a popular addition to homes around the country. Water drains quickly through pavers, which still provide good grip underfoot even when they’re wet. They’re also tough and easy to keep in good condition. Most importantly, though, backyard paver patios can be tailored to your exact needs. Choose from a huge range of brick shapes and tones, from smooth slate to honey-colored cobbles. Newport Beach residents can create the perfect outdoor space in their backyard when they work with the experts at S&P Home Work.

Fire Pit Installation

Long summer evenings sat around a crackling fire. What better way to spend time with friends and family? With a custom fire pit in your backyard, you’ll always have a great place to congregate in the evenings. These features make an excellent focal point and can be created in a wide range of different styles to suit your property’s design aesthetic. Paver fire pits are great additions to outdoor kitchen areas. The same goes for paved BBQ islands. Choose a size that suits your needs, and work with our Newport Beach pavers to create a feature that’s truly part of your home.

Hardscape Walkway Installation

Your home landscape consists of more than just a few areas. It’s how you use your home that matters most. Beautiful paver walkways that invite you from one part of the property to the next make a home feel more connected and more enjoyable. With our Newport Beach-based hardscape specialists you can be sure of finding the perfect new hardscape walkway to link your home together. Not only this, but you can rest assured that only the finest materials will be used. This ensures safety and ease of use at any time of year.

Retaining Wall Replacement

Over time, retaining walls can start to weaken and wear out. This can be due to weather, accidental damage, or simple wear. Professional retaining wall replacement ensures that your property isn’t damaged. By using us to do the job you'll know that your new walls are constructed to the highest professional standards. Don’t put up with a retaining wall that’s crumbling and falling apart. Find out what other landscape design features you can add for utility and appeal by contacting us for more info.

Your Local Hardscape Remodeling Professionals In Newport Beach CA

Hardscape paving services provide a solution to all sorts of issues. From custom gazebos and pergolas to top-quality patio cover installation. You can consult with S&P Home Work for any and all landscape remodeling projects you're interested in. Services also include driveway paving and pillar construction.


We really love the brick outdoor kitchen you added to our backyard patio. Been eating there every weekend since. Thanks a lot!
Darrius Jones
I really appreciate you guys putting it the extra effort. The gazebo you built for us looks stunning and adds a lot to the landscape design of our backyard.
Tamara Blair
Really happy with the way the remodeling work turned out. Our backyard looks beautiful with the new paver patio and walkways. Thanks for doing such an excellent job.
John Mattison

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