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Paver Installation

Paver Installation | Huntington Beach, CA

Hard-wearing and durable, pavers are an excellent surface for your driveway, patio, pathway or any other part of your property’s landscape. When installed correctly they also provide numerous other advantages over alternatives such as asphalt or concrete, such as superior drainage and ease of repair. A careful paver installation process ensures that you’re the bricks, stones or tiles will form a high-quality surface for a long time.

Making Ground Preparations

After removing any debris from previous surface materials, our team will proceed to dig the foundations of your new pavers. Obstacles such as tree roots and rocks will be cleared away, and we’ll then fit a layer of weed-proof sheeting. Controlling the growth of weeds is essential, because these can potentially disrupt the stability of your new patio or driveway. Not to mention, it’s important to nip as many of them in the bud, literally, to keep them from peeking through the gaps later on.

Laying a Gravel Bed

Gravel is used to provide a stable and porous layer beneath your pavers. High-traffic areas which experience a lot of pressure, such as driveways, will typically receive a 7-inch layer, while patios and pathways might only require 3-4 inches. This gravel bed allows water to drain quickly and easily away from the pavers, and will be covered in an even layer of sand.

The Paver Installation Process

After carefully cutting your new pavers to size, they need to be prepared for installation. Leaving a gap of no more than half an inch between each paver, our team will carefully construct the pattern you’ve decided on. Once this is complete, we’ll create a stabilizing concrete border around the outside, and ensure proper edging.

Sealing and Protecting

The final step is to set and seal the pavers using polymeric joint sand. No glue or concrete is required; the gaps are filled with sand, then water is applied to create a more adhesive substance. Once this joint compound is dry, the next step is to apply a brick sealant to ensure UV rays and stains don’t affect the quality of your new custom pavers.

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