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Pavers & Hardscapes in San Clemente CA

Give your San Clemente driveway, backyard, or any exterior part of a residential or commercial property a facelift with our hardscape services. We offer paving and remodeling for patios, pool decks, courtyards and a whole lot more. You can schedule a free estimate to consult with our professional landscape pavers anywhere near San Clemente, and see what sorts of options we offer. Our services include a variety of paved features and surfaces, using top-quality materials to achieve the best results at the lowest prices.

Some Hardscape Design Work We Offer In San Clemente CA:

Driveway Paving Services

Your San Clemente driveway says a lot about your property, and that's before people even get inside. That's why keeping it presentable and eye-catching is important. We install paver driveways in a huge variety of patterns and designs, from checkered to criss-cross to all sorts of unique and colorful templates. We do this using paving stones of all types, including bricks, tiles, cobbles, and of course – pavers. Plus, we also work with stamped concrete, to simulate intricate paver designs while maintaining a coherent surface area. Any template you prefer, our driveway pavers can install.

Paver Patios With Covers In San Clemente CA

Adding an outdoor lounge area can give a lot of utility and style to your property. We've installed many San Clemente backyard patios, in all sorts of colorful and intricate hardscape designs that command the landscape. Paver patios, for example, offer excellent grip underfoot, and the individual units allow for fast and simple repairs and maintenance when those are called for. Plus, your backyard paver patio can come with attached or free-standing covers, to give you shade and protection from the elements 24/7.  See our range of hardscape patio designs for more info.

Outdoor Kitchen Sets

Since we just talked about backyard patios in San Clemente, what would prove more perfect for them than an outdoor kitchen?  Paved dining and seating arrangements will give you the ability to eat outside anytime you like. Combine this with patio covers and your outdoor kitchen can prove useful for every meal, from breakfast to dinner. We can install your outdoor kitchen complete with a BBQ island and gas and water infrastructure. This can allow you to do the entire meal prep outside too.

San Clemente Pool Deck Pavers

The surrounding parts of your swimming pool must have tactile surfaces and a good grip to prevent slipping. Our non-slip pavers for pool decks provide exactly that, while also giving the pool decking a beautiful hardscape design that adds to the landscape's look. Pool deck pavers work great to allow water to drain quickly, thus reducing the chances of pool-side accidents. Find out more about the custom hardscape design options by booking a free estimate.

Hardscape Paving Work Completed Recently

Check out a few of the latest paving projects we finished for San Clemente homes and businesses. Remember, we're always happy to give free estimates and consultations to anyone thinking of remodeling their driveway or backyard. Call us for more info.

Pool Remodeling | San Clemente CA

Pool Remodeling

Customer Issue: This customer wanted to create a safer and more entertaining environment for his grandkids.
Our Solution: We decided to use the existing pool deck as a base for the new one and added a slight elevation on one side of the pool to build a tanning ledge. This would also allow the water to cascade down into the pool. Next, we installed a couple of umbrella sleeves and three bubblers in the tanning ledge, as well as color-changing LED pool lights. Once we tiled both the pool and tanning ledge, we installed travertine pavers and coping which made our addition look seamless with the original pool.

Jeffrey Wilcox - San Clemente
Kitchen Remodeling Next To Capistrano Beach CA

Kitchen Remodeling

Customer Issue: This customer moved into a new home that had a cramped, poorly designed kitchen.
Our Solution: Mr. Ware’s existing kitchen felt rather crowded and dark, so we decided to add some white and rearrange the cabinets. We scrapped the wooden countertop and dark brick backsplash and installed white marble in their stead. We moved the cabinets up to the ceiling and added open shelving and kitchen utensil rails in the space below. We also removed the vinyl flooring, did the necessary prep work and laid black and white tiles.

Robert Ware - Capistrano Beach
Professional Paving Team

Professional Paving Team

Your backyard hardscape will look amazing after our expert pavers finish enhancing its design.
Personal Touch

Personal Touch

With custom paver paths and features, your driveway and backyard will become something to brag about.
High Quality Work

High Quality Work

Whether it’s a stamped concrete driveway, cobblestone paths or a brick patio, the paving materials used will ensure long lasting results.
Front and Backyard Services

Front and Backyard Services

Our specialty covers all types of hardscapes, from driveways to backyard patios and pools.

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Our goal is to deliver high quality backyard and driveway paving services that will allow you to create beautiful landscape designs. It’s therefore incredibly important to us that you’re 100% satisfied with our work, which is why our paving team works so hard to achieve beautiful and long lasting results for both residential and commercial properties. 

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