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Hanging around in your backyard pool is undoubtedly a lot of fun. Kids running around, adults lounging on beach chairs. You can hear the sound of joy and laughter carried by the summer breeze. But you know what’s not fun? Slipping by the pool. While adults may understand the risks better, kids usually don’t. That’s what it’s incredibly important that your pool deck area is built from safe, anti-slip materials with good traction. Pavers make for an excellent choice, as they’re textured and offer great underfoot grip. They can also be coated with anti-slip materials to enhance their traction even further.

Better Than Concrete?

While you can opt for some other paving material for your pool deck area, pavers tend to be the safer choice, depending on the type. Concrete, although very popular, can be quite slippery, and needs to be treated with special anti-slip coating to ensure safety. Furthermore, it doesn’t allow for proper drainage, and is more likely to allow water to pool. With pavers, the grouts and gaps between each brick make it far easier for water to drain away, which reduces the likelihood of water pools forming. Texture is another aspect to consider, as concrete tends to be smoother, which promotes slipping, and some pavers are naturally more textured, which gives your feet a better grip. Stamped concrete will have better slip resistance than its normal and smoother counterpart, but while it can mimic pavers, it’s not always as effective as the real thing.

What About Wood?

Yes, wooden pool decks are also quite popular. It’s naturally textured, and can be coated with varnish and various non slip types of paint to increase its traction. It looks great as well, and has a certain classic quality to its look that’s made it very popular. However, wood decking requires more frequent maintenance than other types of surface materials. It needs to be stained and sealed regularly, to maintain its look and prevent warping and swelling. There’s composite wood decking, which basically consists of synthetic material but looks like real wood, or close to that. Of course, it tends to be more expensive than what a real wood deck would cost.

Some Extra Measures

Just installing a paver pool deck alone isn’t enough, of course. The surface area needs to be treated with sealant on a routine basis, to ensure that the deck surface remains cohesive and doesn’t degrade over time. Sealing the pavers also helps protect them from sun and weather damage. In addition, it can help you enhance the look of the pool deck area by adding color and design patterns to the paved surface.

Quality Deck Paving Services

Making sure your poolside area is safe for children and adults to run around (which they should still avoid, of course) is paramount. With S&P Home Work, you can ensure that the backyard pool deck of your Huntington Beach home is paved correctly and offers excellent traction to reduce the risk of slipping as much as possible. Contact us today to consult with our paving experts on what type of deck is best for your pool.


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