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Hardscape Pavers in Santa Ana CA

Hardscape features play an important part of the landscape of many Santa Ana properties. Pavers and concrete surfaces are practical and attractive. They can make your driveway and backyard both better-looking and more convenient. New walkways and retaining walls shape how we use our homes, while driveways and backyard patios provide stunning entrances and focal points for our landscape. Tie the hardscape design of your home together with a diverse range of pavers and pillar options. You can get anything from poolside pavers to fire pits and attached patio covers. Heck, even an outdoor kitchen set up, complete with a paved BBQ island. S&P Home Work provides the best hardscape paving work in the Santa Ana area. Consult with us on hardscape ideas and any and all remodeling projects you have in mind.

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Patio Cover Installation

Spending time outdoors on your patio is great. Whether you’re relaxing in the sunshine or entertaining in the evening, it’s an excellent space. However, the weather can make it impossible to enjoy your patio to the full. A rain shower can disrupt any evening outdoors, sending guests hurrying inside. Direct sunshine can also make it uncomfortable to spend any time outside. That’s why a patio cover is a great investment. Coming in a wide range of materials and styles to suit any home, your new patio cover will let you enjoy your home without worrying about the weather.

Backyard Remodeling Projects

Is your home’s backyard really as beautiful as it can be? Even if your retaining walls are in good condition and the walkways haven’t been damaged, it might not really suit how you live your life. Backyard remodeling lets you take control of the hardscape design of your Santa Ana business or home, swapping out tired and bland features for much better ones. Change out your old walkways for striking new paver paths or choose a better design for your driveway. All this and more can be achieved with the help of the experts at S&P Home Work.

Backyard Paver Patio Extensions

One of the most helpful features of pavers is the huge range of different patterns you can create with them. If your existing patio hardscape design doesn’t really suit the rest of the property, consider remodeling it. Consult with our Santa Ana-based hardscape experts to find a combination of colors, styles, and patterns that truly enhances your home. Your existing patio pavers can then be removed and remodeled to suit your requirements.

Paver Water Features

A new water feature is a fantastic way to make your property stand out. Investing in a focal point like this allows you to draw the eye, tying your whole home together. Choose from a wide range of abstract fountains that complement the design of your property. These are the perfect accompaniment to a home that’s been thoughtfully laid out, and add some peace and tranquility to your outdoor spaces.

Turf Installation – Front Lawn & Backyards

Natural turf offers a soft, natural feel underfoot. It also looks great, providing an excellent way to use the space in your backyard. With the help of your local specialists, you can ensure that your new turf is installed to the highest specifications. You can also be sure that your new turf is of the highest quality, with a seed mix that’s both lush and hardy. This helps combat weeds and keeps the grass looking great all year round. You can make the lawn of your Santa Ana property look lush and emerald all year long.

Hardscape Walkway Installation

Don’t be tempted to neglect the walkways in your property. These are more than just ways to get from A to B. They’re what ties the property together, leading occupants from one section of the home to another. Careful thought needs to go into how they’re designed, and they must be installed to a high standard. Choose from many different materials and designs when you work with your local experts, and know that you’ll be getting the best service in the Santa Ana area.

Non-Slip Paver Pool Decks

Pavers make the perfect material for pool decks. Not only do they look great, coming in a wide range of different designs and styles to suit every home. They also provide numerous practical benefits, such as fast drainage and excellent grip underfoot, even when wet. This makes pavers a very popular choice for pool decks. Their safety enhancement and beautiful hardscape design options they offer are true a 2-for-1 combo.

Hardscape Design Experts Near You In Santa Ana CA

There are many features of your property's landscape which high-quality hardscaping can improve. From a new patio cover to poolside pavers and even complete outdoor kitchen set up. Every Santa Ana home can benefit from new hardscape features and some remodeling work. To see how your home can be enhanced, schedule a free estimate with S&P Home Work today.


Fantastic work! The new pool side pavers have a lovely design and excellent grip on bare feet. I'm very happy I went with you guys.
Dina Ludvan
You completely transformed my driveway. It looks better than ever with the new pavers. Thanks a lot!
Chris Kuntz
I really love the way the new paver patio you installed looks. It really adds a lot to the landscape design of my backyard.
Trisha Jaquil

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